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Who Are We

Twinning between Ellesmere Port and Reutlingen has existed for more than 50 years. It was the result of a visit by Reutlingen representatives studying British local government. The visit was organised by the British Foreign Office.

In May 1959, the two Councils formally resolved to twin. Since then there has been considerable exchange by their citizens. Groups as diverse as sporting groups, e.g. swimming, football, Special Olympics, musical groups including the Light Opera Company, Loins Club International, Sea Cadets and WI have all been involved.

In addition, many school and college students have visited and performed in each other’s town. The Friendship Group annually has a stall in Reutlingen’s Christmas Market.

Since 2009 and the creation of Cheshire West and Chester Council, twinning has been delegated at the Ellesmere Port end to a voluntary group, the Ellesmere Port/Reutlingen Friendship Group.

Twinning links in Reutlingen are directly undertaken by the Town Council.

What are the aims of the Group?

The Group aims to:

  • Promote awareness and appreciation of different cultures and heritage.
  • Promote education through links between educational establishments in both Ellesmere Port and Reutlingen.
  • Promote artistic development and appreciation through exchanges targeting different aspects of the creative arts.
  • Encourage sporting ties between the two towns.
  • Advance citizenship and community development.
  • Support equality of opportunity in participation in twinning activities regardless of need or disability.
  • Promote reconciliation.